School Supply List




Grade 7, 8, and 9

  • geometry set
  • pens, pencils, eraser
  • glue stick
  • binders (4 suggested)
  • 10 dividers
  • loose-leaf paper (lined, unlined and graph)
  • felts/pencil crayons
  • highlighters
  • scissors (needed on occasion)
  • ruler
  • coil scribbler


Grade 7 and 8 students need a calculator capable of basic operations (+, -, x, / ,) as well as a square root function. A scientific calculator is not acceptable in grades 7 & 8.  Grade 9 students need a scientific calculator with a FRACTION key.

All Students will need proper clothing to change into for Physical Education. This includes: proper running shoes that can be laced up, an athletic t-shirt and athletic shorts or sweatpants.  Deodorant stick, rather than spray deodorants, body sprays or perfumes please.

Additional supplies may be requested as courses progress.