Frequently Asked Questions

When are student athletes on the ice?
Student Athletes travel to Millenium Place 3 times out of a 6 day schedule. Therefore, hockey students are on ice every second school day

Where do student athletes store their equipment?
Student Athletes will store their hockey equipment on site in the Clover Bar shed. Both students and parents have 24 hour access to a secure location with an access code provided to just Clover Bar Hockey student athletes and their families to provide security and flexibility with equipment pickup and drop off. 

How do student athletes get them and their equipment to Millenium Place?
Student Athletes will retrieve their gear from the Clover Bar shed, load it onto the Clover Bar bus and travel to Millenium Place on the bus. Once at Millenium Place students will unload their gear and proceed to the dressing rooms. Following the ice session, students again load the bus with gear and themselves and return to Clover Bar.

How does a Clover Bar Hockey Program practice differ from a club or team practice?
The Clover Bar Program fosters individual growth and development. Sessions could include a variety of individual skill development, small area games, high tempo drills, and game-like scenarios. Offensive and defensive tactics are developed through these, but team systems are not a focus of the program.

How much does the Clover Bar Hockey Program cost?
There is a cost associated with the Clover Bar Hockey Program which covers the cost of instruction, ice rental, teaching equipment and merchandise for players. The cost can vary because it is dependent on other variable costs but recently has been in the $2100.00 range. Please call the school in regards to the different payment options we offer.

How do I register my son/daughter?
Contact the school directly, or email our registration secretary, Serena Carleton  (

What does a typical day look like for Student Athletes in the Clover Bar Hockey Program?
Generally, on a hockey day, students will participate in their normal core subjects in the morning. After the eating portion of lunch, students will begin the loading process and be part of the Hockey Program for the remainder of the day. Scheduling-wise, the Clover Bar Hockey Program represents health, phys ed/DPA and an option. All of those subjects are absorbed and delivered through the Hockey Program.