Honours Program Information

The Honours Program at Clover Bar is designed for students who do well in school and enjoy learning and academic challenges. Students require a mark of 80% or higher in ELA, mathematics, science and social studies in order to apply for the program. We have one Honours class in Grade 8 and one in Grade 9.


The program groups students together for their core subjects. Students in the Honours Program follow the Alberta Education Program of Studies. Summative assessments are based on the Alberta Education learning outcomes. Because learning outcomes are covered at a quicker pace, more time is available for a number of enrichment activities in the various core classes.


We do not add to the workload of students in the Honours Program. This allows them the opportunity to participate in the Fine Arts, Athletic and volunteer extracurricular activities, as well as interests outside of school.


Due to staffing and scheduling restrictions at this time, we are not able to offer a combined Hockey/Soccer Honours class.