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Grade 10 registration is a very exciting time for our students.  Grade nines should pursue their high school's registration book online and have questions ready for high school counsellors who will be visiting in April.   Students should be aware of these key basics:

-A minimum of 8 courses are needed in Grade 10 (more if a student is taking a class before or after the typical school day).

-Core classes are chosen based on the student’s current marks and teacher recommendations.  Ask your  teacher what their recommendations are.  Parents can check on this at interview times or by sending an email.  Remember, these recommendations are made with a great deal of consideration and expertise on the teacher’s part.  These recommendations are to set students up for the most successful year possible based on their marks in grade 9.  You can also find flowcharts explaining recommendation marks in the high school registration guide under each core subject.

-Students are encouraged to get very curious about what complementary (option) courses they feel passionate about.  Check out the school website, registration book, talk to friends or siblings already in high school, and ask questions at the high school Information Evenings in April.

-Students will register via computer at Clover Bar in April.  Students will bring a print out of their course requests home for parents to sign.  This is returned to their home room teacher at school.  Students can check out their course requests online anytime should they forget what they chose. The Career Cruising Link is available at the website at the bottom under student links.

-High schools then build a master timetable based on student requests.  

-Once a master time table is built, schedules are created for individual students and sent to them during the summer.  Students are sometimes able to make changes on their registration at the end of August.

 Commonly asked Questions:

Are spares allowed on a grade 10 time table?


I don’t have the mark high school teachers recommend for their 10-1 level courses.  Can I take it anyway?

Talk to your current teacher about what they are recommending for you and why.  We all have strengths and challenges.  If you want to take a course that not teachers feel you are not ready for, have a plan in place that includes increased homework time, a tutor etc.  Remember:  grade 10 is a challenging year with a lot of change.  You can always change streams later on in high school if you do well in a 10-2 course when you are more familiar with your new school, your new teachers, and what works for you in grade 10.

English Flow Chart       Recommendations for Success - English

Math Flow Chart          Recommendations for Success - Math

Science Flow Chart      Recommendations for Success - Sceince

Social Flow Chart        Recommendations for Success - Social

High School Registration Forms