Frequently Asked Questions

How often do students participate in the soccer program?
Our school runs on a 6-day rotation.  Every even or second day in the afternoon students take part in the soccer program.

What skill level does my son or daughter have to be at to be in the program?
We accept all skill levels of players.  Our range of students vary from community players who are playing soccer for the first time, to tier one players who have been in Nationals.  At the start of each year coaches determine where the best fit is for the students, and place students based on their abilities.  

What does a soccer day look like for a soccer student?
Each student in the class goes from core subject to core subject in the morning.  After lunch soccer students will get changed and head out to the pitch to train for the full afternoon.  During indoor, students load a school bus and transported to and from Millennium Place for the afternoons.

What do soccer students do when the weather outside is poor?
When the weather is bad, students will head into the school.  Usually students will work through health related outcomes, and if the gym is available they will still do some soccer activities.  If the weather is known to be poor in advance, guest speakers are sometimes brought in.

Is there a league that the students play in?
No.  Elk Island Public Schools does not have a soccer league at the Junior High Level.  Although our program focus is on individual development, we do have exhibition games versus Edmonton Soccer Academies.  We also enter indoor and outdoor soccer tournaments in the city to challenge our students and to improve team-work skills.

How much is the program?
Our projected cost is $1750 which is very competitive with the cost of academies in the city.  Please contact the office if there is any changes to the cost for next year.  The costs cover:  Bus Transportation, Field Rentals, Hiring of Coaches, Equipment, Tournament Entry Fees, Clothing for Students.  

How do I register my son/daughter into the program? 
Contact Serena Carleton at 780 467-2295 or by email: