Weekly Soccer Routine


Soccer Schedule

Yearly Schedule:

  • September and October at Clover Bar Junior High
  • November through March at Millennium Place
  • April through June at Clover Bar Junior High

Weekly Schedule for the Year:

 Every second afternoon the soccer afternoon will have one of these activities:

Station Day:  Where students rotate stations every 15 minutes and may include the following:  Fitness, SAQ's (Speed, Agility, Quickness), Technique, Small-sided activities and/or games, and Attacking/Defending principles

Training Day:  Group work, where students will do various drills, exercises, and activities based on a monthly theme

G.A.G. Day:  Students participate in a game, followed by an activity (based on monthly theme), followed by another game where the activity is incorporated into the game

Games Day:  Students may participate in full-field games to half-field games, to small-sided competition games