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KEYS is excited to present an informative "real" talk about the pros and cons of teen social media use. This panel conversation will be composed of members from Saffron Center, Family Community Services, The RCMP, Elk Island Public Schools and youth experts from the Strathcona Youth Council. They will present different viewpoints regarding social media use and educate parents on current trends in teen usage. Topics will include, which apps are the most popular with teens, legal implications, how to set appropriate boundaries, how to use parental settings, and much more. This will be a spirited and informational session for parents, guardians, and educators who want to learn more about supporting their youth in this area. The panel will happen on May 5th at 6pm at the Council Chambers. Please invite any parents or guardians that would love more information about social media. Registration ends on May 3rd. Thank you

Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) has partnered with Alberta Education and The Learning Bar ( to survey students regarding their level of engagement in learning, student wellness, classroom(s) and school climate. During February grades 7 through 12 students have completed a survey, entitled Our SCHOOL|TTFM, which has the Accountability Pillar survey questions included in it. As an annual check up on the education system, Alberta Education conducts surveys of students to gather information on the quality of education provided by Alberta school authorities and their schools. The results are provided to school authorities to inform the development of their three-year education plans, Annual Education Results Report, and to evaluate the performance on Accountability Pillar survey measures. Parents and guardians of students in grades 4, 7, and 10 will also be receiving a survey in the mail. The surveys are anonymous and we highly encourage you to participate. The results of the survey will be provided to EIPS in May 2016, which will then be shared with our families and school communities next fall in the Division’s Annual Education Results Report. If you have any questions about the OurSCHOOL|TTFM survey, please contact Lonnie Hicks, or 780-467-2295. For more information about Alberta Education’s Accountability Pillar survey, please contact Keith Bowen, the director at Alberta Education’s System Assurance Branch, at or 780-422-4750 (or toll-free at 310-000).

Electronic Recycling

Knights care about our environment!  Every day, thousands of electric and electronic devices are thrown in the garbage, filling landfills and wasting an opportunity to recycle components. Clover Bar Junior High School is pleased to participate in the Alberta E-Waste Challenge.  Starting on Monday, May 2, E-Waste collection bins will be located near the front of our school alongside the tennis courts.  We are collecting virtually any electronic device that has a battery or a plug!  Bring your defective TVs, VCRs, Printers, Computers, Mixers, and power tools.  For a complete list of items for the collection, go to  Funds raised from the Clover Bar collection will be used to support the purchase of a water bottle filling station for our school, reducing our consumption of plastic water bottles.

School Fees

Pay school fees easily using PowerSchool

The 2015–2016 school fee information will be available through PowerSchool beginning September 2. To access your fee information, simply login to your Parent Portal account ( and click the green dollar sign symbol. Once logged in you will be able to view fees and have the ability to pay online using Visa, MasterCard, or INTERAC Online (if available from your financial institution).

 Keep and mind, school fees may change. Junior high and senior high fees will change as courses are added and deleted. School fees may also be added to your child’s account throughout the year for various school activities including field trips, class projects, athletic team fees, and more—so be sure to login to your account regularly in case new fees are added.

 For more information about school fees and payment deadlines visit

 If you have additional questions regarding your child’s fees, or if you are new to the school and need assistance, please contact Kim Walsh in the business office at 780-467-2295 or by email at

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