Please email to report a student absence.

Important Dates:


  • Wednesday,  May 30 - School Council Meeting 2:00-3:00p.m.
  • Thursday,  May 3 -  7 - 9 pm - Spring Band Concert
  • Wednesday, June 6 - Early Dismissal - Food and Hat Day
  • Thursday,  June 7 - 5:45 - 9:00p.m. - Grade 9 Farewell (Forms are due back June 1st)
  • Wednesday,  June 20 - Math Part A Final / P.A.T. (am - regular classes follow)
  • Monday,  June 25 - Social Studies Final / P.A.T. (am - regular classes follow)
  • Tuesday,  June 26 - ELA Part B Final / P.A.T. (am - regular classes follow)
  • Wednesday,  June 27 - Math Part B Final / P.A.T. (am - regular classes follow)
  • Thursday,  June 28 - Science Final / P.A.T. - Last Instructional Day



Cannabis Let’s Talk Alberta Conversations

Strathcona County Family and Community Services, along with various partners, are hosting a series of Cannabis Let’s Talk Alberta Conversation events in late May. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear and explore diverse thoughts, gain a greater understanding of differing perspectives and develop a deeper sense of empathy for community diversity.

 What these events are NOT:

  • an opportunity to debate whether we should or shouldn’t be legalizing cannabis in Canada
  • an opportunity to learn about cannabis, it’s short-term effects or longer-term health impacts
  • an opportunity to explore parenting issues relating to cannabis or other drug use

 What these events ARE:

  • an opportunity to come together with other members of the community to explore our differences and our similarities as we contemplate this change in public policy and how we can all move forward together, regardless of our own views

 Register by calling 780-464-4044 or emailing with your name, contact information and the conversation you wish to attend.


Harry Potter Day Magic Makes the News

On May 2, the school hosted its second annual Harry Potter Day to raise awareness around youth literacy. Organized by our Knights Roundtable Club, students and staff raised money for both the school library, and the Young Alberta Book Society. Check out the feature here!

For a complete list of holidays and school-closure days during the 2017-18 school year, refer to the EIPS Division Calendar.

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